Multimedia is a means to convey information in the form of a combination of various media. There are many examples of multimedia that we can find in everyday life because, as humans, of course, we cannot be far from multimedia. And almost every day, we see it.

Multimedia is very important for various purposes and can be used in many fields, so multimedia is not just a means of information but many other functions. Multimedia can be active when the user has full control of elements in a multimedia system.

It has been going on for a very long time, which is more or less after the end of the cold war, along with the emergence of a tremendous wave of globalization, causing multimedia to become a common part of every aspect of human life and cannot be separated from its first appearance.

Because by using multimedia facilities, humans can be interconnected and connected, even though they are at great distances, whether between countries or continents. And to access the multimedia facilities is also very easy and fast and does not require special skills.

Existing Characteristics of Multimedia

Multimedia also has main characteristics that are very important to understand; of course, everyone who studies multimedia must explore all things related to multimedia properly so that when creating multimedia products, they can create quality multimedia products that remain by the main characteristics of multimedia.

Multimedia has a very broad function at home. For example, it can be used as a tool for business competition between companies. Therefore, for most parties, multimedia has become a basic need as important as reading skills. The following are some of the characteristics that exist in multimedia.

  1. A Computer Controlled System

Everything related to multimedia is certainly controlled directly by a computerized system. Multimedia is synonymous with images, whether a clock image or a moving image created via a computer.

  1. It Is an Integrated System

It is undeniable that multimedia is a very well-integrated system. Therefore, various components make up the multimedia, and the components complement each other and cannot be separated from each other to form a good multimedia system.

  1. Information Handled Is Represented Digitally

Since multimedia relies heavily on digital technology, any information entered into a multimedia system will be represented digitally.

  1. The Interface On the Final Display Media is Usually Interactive

One of the advantages of a Multimedia system is that the final display is usually interactive, so this distinguishes multimedia from other media where multimedia can be interactive.

Multimedia is a representation of a combination of text, sound art, animated images, and video in digital form and, through a computerized process, can then be delivered interactively. Three types of multimedia are commonly known, namely:

  1. Interactive Multimedia

The first is an interactive multimedia system, namely the use of multimedia can control all multimedia elements according to their wishes, such as games.

  1. Hyperactive Multimedia

The next type of multimedia is hyperactive multimedia, where this multimedia has many structures where every element in the structure is interrelated with one another. Multimedia like this has many forests that can connect all the existing elements, such as online games.

  1. Linear Multimedia

Finally, linear multimedia is linear multimedia, unlike interactive multimedia, the type of linear multimedia; the user can only be a connoisseur of a presented multimedia program, such as television broadcasts.

Examples of Multimedia That Are Often Encountered In Daily Life

Maybe someone from a very early age recognizes various multimedia tools that they often pay attention to around them. However, many do not understand that various interesting things can be learned from multimedia.

Multimedia itself has many types and examples of germs, but surely there are only a few examples that are most often encountered in the daily life of a human being. Indeed, we cannot be separated from the role of multimedia in our lives; multimedia is almost in various places and provides various important information useful for human life. Therefore, the following are some examples.

  1. Multimedia Communication

As the name suggests, namely multimedia communication might say this type of multimedia is the type that we most often encounter in everyday life because the main function of this type of multimedia is a medium to publish various important information to reach everyone.

Because indeed, to convey various information using multimedia communication is one of the most effective things to do because with an attractive appearance that will make everyone pay attention to it; here is an example of the media used.

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Film
  • Music
  • Game
  • Tutorial
  • Entertainment
  1. Multimedia Content Production

The next example is multimedia content production. The definition of multimedia content production is a type of multimedia that uses several different components, such as text, animation, audio, video, and images that are combined to produce multimedia content products such as :

  1. Music
  2. Game
  3. Entertainment

Of course, all types and examples of media examples are very familiar; we meet in various aspects of our lives and activities every day. There are types of multimedia that are used completely to convey various useful information for humans. There are also multimedia facilities used commercially to carry out various business promotions or digital marketing for profit.

Still, with all these goals, multimedia has an important role in human life. When someone wants the task of using multimedia facilities for this purpose, they must create the best multimedia product to attract the attention of others.

Because studying multimedia is a positive thing, one no longer needs to learn everything related to multimedia. You have to learn various important things about multimedia, such as examples of multimedia. If it is done well, of course, multimedia can also be one of the promising professions in the digital era like today.

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