EEPIS Online–The State Polytechnic Interest and Capability Search (PMDK-PN) was again held at 42 State Polytechnics throughout Indonesia. Unlike the previous year, this time prospective students have a greater opportunity because they are allowed to choose three choices of study programs from two different Polytechnics. This opportunity has been open from February 9 to April 17, 2015. 

Still similar to last year's procedure, schools that have received PMDK-PN invitations in the form of usernames and passwords can directly login on the PMDK-PN website. Meanwhile for schools that have not received a username and password, they are required to register their school on the same website and wait for an invitation within 2 x 24 hours.

After logging in, the school is required to complete the required data, including including the names and data of students who will be included in the PMDK-PN. Then the student's username and password that have been inputted will be automatically generated by the system, so that the school can directly print and distribute it to the recommended students.

Students who have received a username and password can complete their personal data on the PMDK-PN website. Several provisions such as report cards, list of achievements and achievement recommendation letters are also included in filling out the data. Students are allowed to choose 2 polytechnics throughout Indonesia with 3 choices of study programs (2 study programs at the first Polytechnic and 1 study program at the second Polytechnic). However, students who wish to apply for a bidikmisi scholarship can directly visit the website

After that, students are required to complete the files in accordance with the provisions listed on the PMDK-PN website. The files are then sent to the address of the polytechnic which is the first choice, no later than April 17, 2015 postmarked. After verifying the data and files, the polytechnic will conduct a national selection and the results will be announced on May 5, 2015 on the PMDK-PN official website (

Not to forget, the PMDK-PN team continues to improve its services by providing assistance services. If you encounter problems, registrants can directly access the PMDK-PN official help center page ( or contact the call center 0804-1-567-567. "The improvement and development of this service is in accordance with the initial ideals of the PMDK-PN construction a year ago. Hopefully this PMDK-PN can run smoothly and in the future it can be developed again," hoped Dr. Rusminto Tjatur Widodo, ST as the chief executive of PMDK-PN. (zya/arn/hum)

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