In D3 Multimedia Broadcasting Technology Education, you will get Skill and Knowledge material about general electronics, radio and television transmitter systems, radio and TV broadcast studio systems, tools for the development of multimedia content around 2D/3D animation, photo/video editing, use of cameras, lighting, and for broadcasting via the internet. Therefore, graduates of the Multimedia Broadcasting Technology diploma program will be able to engage in work operating and maintaining broadcasting facilities and equipment in radio or television broadcasting stations, or in other media industries.

Graduates of this study program will have the competence to demonstrate their knowledge in the field of broadcasting technology accompanied by a good theoretical understanding. Able to analyze and plan solutions to technical problems encountered, and so on. The D3 Multimedia Broadcasting Study Program will produce creative people with mastery skills and play an active role in the development of the creative industry in the multimedia field.


Become a center for education and training in multimedia technology skills broadcasting best in Indonesia


  1. Print middle management level human resources with high competitiveness and entrepreneurial ability
  2. Participate in the assessment of the application of the latest multimedia technology broadcastingby conducting applied research
  3. Support national development by printing media people who have high morals and have a national perspective


Semester 1

No Subject
1 English for Conversation
2 Math 1
3 Citizenship
4 Communicating Ability
5 Electronics & Instrumentation
6 Design Methodology Practice
7 Computer Literacy
8 Draw


Semester 2

No Subject
1 Engineering English
2 Math 2
3 Agama
4 Digital Electronics
5 Communication System
6 Photographers
7 Digital Electronics Practice
8 Communication System Practice
9 Photography Practice
10 Telecommunications Workshop
11 Storytelling & Storyboard
12 Radio Studio 1


Semester 3

No Subject
1 English for Communication Skills 1
2 Numerical Method
3 Pancasila
4 Journalism
5 Transmitter System
6 Computer network
7 Studio Camera and Lighting
8 2D Animation
9 2D Animation Practice
10 Transmitter System Prak
11 Network Practice
12 Studio Camera and Lighting
13 Radio Studio 2


Semester 4

No Subject
1 English for Communication Skills 2
2 Statistics
3 Publishing
4 Broadcasting Business
5 Antenna System
6 Computer Networking for Multimedia
7 AV Recording
8 3D Animation
9 3D Animation Practice
10 Antenna System Prak
11 Computer Networking Practice for Multimedia
12 AV Recording Prak
13 TV Studio 1


Semester 5

No Subject
1 English for Career
2 Indonesian TTKI
3 Web Technology
4 Visual Programming
5 AV Editing
6 Web Technology Practice
7 AV Editing Prak
8 Visual Programming Practice
9 TV Studio 2
10 Practical work
11 landfill


Semester 6

No Subject
1 English for Professionals
2 Multimedia Programming
3 Multimedia Programming Practicum
4 Web Design
5 Final project
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