In the D4 Game Technology Study Program, students will be equipped with four basic skills that can support the growth and development of the game industry, namely technical skills, design skills, social and communication skills, and business skills for entrepreneurship in the game industry. This study program will form students with technical abilities including designing and making games, mastering computer programming, especially those related to games, graphics and audio skills. Mastery library and tools with a strong concept can produce the ability to make platform games and game engine much needed to include local content. Game Technology Study Program is engaged in developing creative industries.


To become a center of excellence for engineering technology education in the field of Game Technology as part of emerging technology on a national and international scale


Organizing education in the field of Game Technology by providing a quality academic environment and atmosphere to produce graduates who are professional, open-minded, creative and have a leader spirit, who are ready to compete in the global era

Community dedication

As a national polytechnic resource, play an active role in the development and improvement of the polytechnic education system in Indonesia, especially in the field of Game Technology


Carry out research that is oriented towards discovery, development, combination, or integration of several pre-existing game technologies, into new technologies that bring benefits to society.



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