Energy Generation System (SPE) is a scientific discipline that studies the process of converting and generating energy, especially electrical energy. By studying the basic concepts of thermodynamics and electrical circuits as one of the important aspects in engineering analysis, it is hoped that it will become the basis for the development of the field of electricity and energy. In other words, the SPE Study Program equips students with in-depth mastery of science and knowledge about energy conversion.

The Energy Generation System Study Program is the first vocational education that concentrates on electrical energy and renewable energy sources (in 2009 and 2010, PENS – ITS won first place in participating in competitions in the field of energy efficiency). This study program has started accepting the first batch of students in September 2011.

With the issuance of the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture number 365/E/O/2012 concerning the Implementation of the Energy Generation System Study Program (D-IV) at the Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya, SPE is officially a study program that has been recognized and is under the Department of Mechanics and Energy. .


To become an excellent center for engineering technology education in the field of power generation technology on a national and international scale by 2020.


  1. Organizing education in the field of power generation technology by providing a quality academic environment and atmosphere to produce graduates who are professional, open-minded, creative and have a leadership spirit, who are ready to compete in the global era;
  2. Take an active role in the development and improvement of the polytechnic education system in Indonesia, particularly in the field of power generation technology;
  3. Carry out research that is oriented towards discovery, development, combination, or integration of several pre-existing technologies into new technologies that bring the benefit of society;
  4. Build and implement academic and social ethical moral values.


Semester 1



Pancasila and Citizenship

Communication Skills

Mathematics I

Electrical Circuit I

Thermodynamics I

Electrical Circuit Practice I

Thermodynamics Practice I

Basic Physics Workshop

Technical Drawing Workshop

Materials Workshop



Semester 2


Math II

Technology concept

Electrical Circuit II


Thermodynamics II

Fluid Mechanics I

Electrical Circuit Practice II

Thermodynamics Practice I

Basic Chemistry Workshop

Static Fluid Workshop

Production Process Workshop


Semester 3


English I

Mathematics III


Analog Electronics

Kinematics and Dynamics

Fluid Mechanics

Heat Transfer I

Analog Electronics Practice

Heat Transfer Practice I

Engineering Measurement Workshop

Dynamic Fluid Workshop

Programming Workshop 3


Semester 4


English II

Mathematics IV

Occupational Health and Safety

Power Electronics

Machine Element

Heat Transfer II

Heat Exchanger I

Power Electronics Practice

Heat Transfer Practice II

Process Control Workshop

Terminal Fluid Workshop


Semester 5


Heat Exchanger II

Electric Machine

Turbines, Pumps and Compressors

Control System Design Workshop

Microcontroller Workshop

Piping and Instrumentation Workshop

Substation Workshop

Boiler and Condenser Workshop

Fluid Machinery Workshop

Photovoltaic System Design Workshop


Semester 6


Professional ethics

Bahasa Indonesia

Operational Management and Technopreneurship

Care Management

Power Plant Environmental Aspect

SCADA Workshop

Generator Workshop

Transformer Workshop

CFD Workshop

Combustion Technique Workshop

Final Project Proposal



Semester 7


English III

Solar Energy

New Renewable Energy Workshop

Generator System Design Workshop

Practical Work

Final Project I


Semester 8


English IV

Leadership Management

Energy Management

Final Project II



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