Surabaya, – In commemoration of the 77th Bhayangkara Day, the Magelang City Police held the Magelang Championship II 2023. This time, the Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya (PENS) sent eight delegates from the Pencak Silat Student Activity Unit (UKM) for the National Championship and managed to bring home two Gold Medal, three Silver Medals and three Bronze Medals. Taking place at GOR Samapta City of Magelang, this National Championship takes place from Friday to Sunday (2-4/6). Even though many new regulations were applied to the championship, all delegates were able to adapt quickly to get results as expected.
Eight delegates from UKM Pencak Silat took part in the adult category with different classes. Martha Dhila Vany from Mechatronics Engineering 2020 took Solo Arts and received a Gold Medal, Muhammad Zidan Pratama from Telecommunications Engineering 2021 received a Class F Gold Medal, Bintang Ampuh Panggalih 2021 Applied Data Science student took Class E and received a Silver Medal, while for Class D there is Desta Kaweswara from Telecommunications Engineering 2021 won a Silver Medal and Rayzantha Ilham, a 2022 Electronics Engineering student, won a Bronze Medal. Not only that, two students of the 2022 Energy Generation System took class C, namely Alfin Salmanfarihin won a Silver Medal and Rafli Dian Putra Pratama took home a Bronze Medal. Finally, Yudo Anggoro, a 2022 Telecommunications Engineering student, received a Bronze Medal from Class B. Each class consists of 2 rounds with a time of 1 minute 50 seconds each. The speed at which all the delegates improvised from a technical and other perspective became an important factor in their performance in the competition.
It is hoped that after the achievements of this championship, all PENS Pencak Silat UKM students can continue to work together to return to excel in the following events. "We, from PENS Pencak Silat UKM, are ready to take part in the next competitions and bring news of victory for our beloved campus," said Bintang Ampuh Panggalih, one of the delegates. The experience from Magelang Championship II motivated them and other students to develop the talents and interests of each individual and believe in their own superiority. (suc)

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