Surabaya, – Closing and Awarding as the final activities of a series of 2023 Region II Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) events were held on Saturday (3/6). With great pride, five EEPIS Robot Teams from five divisions won the championship in this prestigious robotics event. Hosted by the University of Semarang, this activity was broadcast live via the USMTV YouTube account and witnessed by the entire team and supervisors in the Theater Room of the EEPIS D3 Building.

The EEPIS Intelligent Leg Robot (EILERO) team that competed in the Indonesian SAR Robot Contest (KRSRI) division outperformed 45 other teams and won 1st place. The EEPIS Robot Soccer (EROS) team competed with the ICHIRO Team from the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) in the final round managed to score 33 goals and came out as 2nd place in the Indonesian Humanoid Football Robot Contest (KRSBI-H) division. Then, the Intelligent Robot in Sense of Art (ERISA) team won 2nd place in the Indonesian Dance Robot Contest (KRSTI) division. In the new division, namely the Indonesian Underwater Robot Contest (KRBAI), the EEPIS Autonomous Submarine Vehicle Research (EMOSVER) Team won 2nd place. Meanwhile, the EEPIS Soccer Wheel (ERSOW) Team defeated 21 teams from other universities, and managed to defend his title as 3rd place in the Indonesian Wheeled Football Robot Contest (KRSBI-B) division in KRI Region II.

"During KRI Region II, there were many unexpected things. Some of our teams had a bad performance on the first day. But on the second day, they were able to return to their extraordinary performance after evaluating and improving. Thank God, with extraordinary preparation and effort, five of the seven EEPIS Robot Teams managed to qualify for the National Level.” said proudly Dr. Tri Budi Santoso, ST, MT, as Deputy Director of Student Affairs and Human Resources for PENS. (ina/run).

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