Surabaya, – Another brilliant achievement was made by students of the Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya (PENS) on the international stage. Through the 2023 Malaysia Invention & Innovation Expo (MIIX), the PENS team consisting of seven students competed with a total of more than 346 teams and managed to bring home a bronze medal in the category Intermediate Innovators which was announced on Friday (12/5). Held online, this activity collaborated with the Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) and was attended by four countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Consisting of 2 stages, this competition begins with a proposal selection which requires each participant to submit their innovation results in the form of a proposal. Some of the aspects that are being assessed in MIIX 2023 include the issues raised, product ideas, and the impact that will result from these products. After successfully passing the initial stage, participants are then selected through online presentations by showing their products through virtualbooth and a direct assessment by the jury.

As PENS delegates, the seven students presented an innovative product entitled "Kiossku: Business Property Search Platform for MSMEs". My own Kioss idea appeared when I was about to open it Micro small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) on the side of the road and have difficulty finding a place for business that is cheap and in accordance with my business preferences.” Said Muhammad Hariz Izzuddin as team leader. Through the Kiossku website and application, MSME entrepreneurs can explore various options for stalls, land, terraces and other business properties that can be rented.

This product managed to steal the attention of the jury with the revolutionary solutions it offers. Kiossku managed to create a digital platform which allows MSMEs to easily find business properties that suit their needs. This brilliant idea not only simplifies the process of finding a place of business, but also opens up new opportunities for MSMEs to increase their income by utilizing the available space around them. (run)

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