Surabaya, – Life Management Training (LMT) 2023 which was attended by one hundred students of Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya (PENS) was successfully implemented in the Trawas Royal Caravan Hotel area, Mojokerto. Running for three days from Friday to Sunday (10-12/3), this activity aims to teach students the importance of understanding character and self-potential. Together with Sinergi97 Consultant as trainer, a series of activities ran smoothly and with the enthusiasm of the participants.

LMT is a training that has become an EEPIS agenda from year to year. Under the PENS student body, this activity is intended for students from class of 2022 with details of 80 students from the main campus and 10 students each from the Lamongan and Sumenep Off-Campus Study Programs (PSDKU). Through this training, the participants were given various knowledge and views about recognizing their own character, potential, as well as each other's shortcomings. That way, participants will know how to improve or anticipate their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, all students were also asked to write down their dreams and plans for the future.

The amount of material presented to the LMT participating students did not make this series of activities monotonous or boring. In fact, the whole trainer from Sinergi97 managed to maintain the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the participants with a variety of fun entertainment, ranging from games, outbound, morning exercises, to singing together. “Hopefully, after this activity, they will become students who are different and better than the others. Because they understand much more about what they have to build.” said Agus Supriyadi as the LMT 2023 trainer.(may/suc)

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