Surabaya, – Two students of the Telecommunication Engineering Applied Undergraduate Study Program, namely Septian Ridho Syahputra and Habib Hammam Kurniawan, became contributors to the Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya (PENS) line of achievements in early 2023. Being in a team, both of them managed to win 2nd place in the National Essay Competition which organized by Youth Public Innovation Research Surabaya State University. The winner announcement was held on Saturday (14/1), via the Zoom platform Videoconferencing.

In this competition the participants were required to write an essay with the theme "The Contribution of the Young Generation to Realizing Good Governance in the Digitalization Era 5.0". Then there is the selection of several sub-themes that have been determined, including politics, socio-culture, education, technology, and economics. Then, from all the works of the participants who have been assessed, the 20 best essays will be selected to proceed to the next stage, which is an online presentation. Theme suitability, writing systematics, idea innovation, data analysis and information sources are factors in assessing essays, besides that the percentage of plagiarism is also considered.

As PENS delegates, Septian Ridho and Habib Hammam presented an essay entitled "DIGISAT Design: Android-Based Realtime Integrated System Application as a Solution for Ease of Access to Samsat Services to Support Good Governance". In it, it discusses the application of digitizing the One-Stop Single Administration System (Samsat) to support good governance. This application will bring effectiveness to the community when it comes to correspondence that has to deal with Samsat. "We raised this title because the urgency of the problem in the Samsat public service was our reason for bringing this topic up. In addition, the selection of this title is also in accordance with the existing theme and the sub-theme we have chosen," said Septian Ridho. (run/rif)

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