Surabaya, – Two EEPIS 2021 Informatics Engineering study program students who are members of the EHAC Team, namely Ahmad Shonhaji and M Ilham Adi Pratama, successfully won 1st place in the category Web Developer in the INVEST competition. The competition, which was held by the Telkom Purwokerto Institute of Technology, took place online on Saturday (7/1), followed by the announcement of the winners on Sunday (8/1). Sehat Chain, the name of the website application developed by the EHAC Team, is a blockchain-based electronic medical record recording application to maintain data integrity security.

The background for the development of Sehat Chain is due to the facts on the ground, many health facilities are manually recording medical records. According to Soni, the Informatics Engineering student's nickname, the manual system is not efficient and takes a lot of time. In addition, patient data security is not maintained, resulting in data leakage. Sehat Chain is here to solve this problem by integrating medical record data in health facilities.

The flow of the competition starts from developing a ready-to-use website application, making a competition proposal, to presenting it to the two judges via Zoom Video conference. During the competition, the EHAC Team was driven to give their best in making application features, design, and usability. The team's hard work paid off in cash on the day of the awarding announcement, Soni and Ilham managed to become the best team in the category Web Developer. "This award means a lot to us, it is an honor and happiness to be in first place. Thank you to those who have supported it," said Soni. (rif)

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