Surabaya, – In order to realize the development of the Integrity Zone towards a Corruption-Free Area (ZI-WBK), PENS held an activity entitled "Socialization and Internalization of Integrity Zone Development in the Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya Campus". Attended by all the board of directors and all elements of the PENS academic community, the activity was held at the Oakwood Hotel & Residence Surabaya on Thursday (15/12). Several high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Education and Culture were also present as resource persons, such as the Directorate General of Vocational Education and Dr. Chatarina Maulina Girsang, SH, SE, MH as Inspector General of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The activity began with remarks from Dr. Tri Budi Santoso, ST, MT who is the representative of the EEPIS leadership. Tri Budi said that EEPIS has instilled the qualities of honesty in every aspect of campus services, including in the fields of finance and administration. So that there is not a single case of corruption and gratification committed by the PENS academic community. This can make it easier for the ZI-WBK PENS work unit team to build an integrity zone that is free from corruption as a whole.

The reason why it is necessary to establish an integrity zone was explained by Dr. Chatarina in her material, namely the integrity zone was built to improve the quality of service to the community by looking at consumer satisfaction. The service motto must be based on serving wholeheartedly, serving with the best actions and satisfying customers with SOP orientation. The meaning of integrity according to the Ministry of Education and Culture's version is honesty, independence, fairness, responsibility, caring, discipline, hard work, and simplicity which must be reflected in thoughts, words, and actions. "Indonesia is still in the top five in the ranking of the most corrupt countries in the world, at the Ministry of Education and Culture alone as much as 20% of the education budget and 50% of the Ministry of Research and Technology's budget is corrupted. So it is necessary to form a commitment in the integrity zone so that an anti-corruption attitude is formed, "explained the official from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

There are as many as six materials provided for the socialization and internalization, such as EEPIS campus trips from time to time, guidelines for filling in Evaluation Worksheets (LKE), strategies for building ZI-WBK, and others. The activity went smoothly and generated enthusiasm from the participants in the question and answer session, as seen by the many questions asked, especially questions about filling out the ZI-WBK assessment. Message from Nararia Hastutiningtyas, S.IP. as the Deputy for Bureaucratic Reform, Apparatus Accountability and Supervision, "collaboration is needed to get the ZI-WBK title, therefore seriousness and perseverance are needed in filling out the ZI-WBK LKE so that evaluators can see real conditions". With the implementation of this activity, it is hoped that PENS will qualify as an integrity zone and a corruption-free area in the near future. (rif)

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