Surabaya, – Going to Teuku Umar University (UTU) for The 8th UTU Award for two days, namely Friday and Saturday (4-5/11), the Smart Pump Energy-Solar (SPE-S) team from PENS won XNUMXnd place in the category business planning. This team consists of Pinky Rahmawati, Muhammad Asroril Mubarok, and Wahyu Prayogo as well Lohdy Diana, ST, MT as supervisor. Innovating a mobile technology for Indonesian agriculture, the SPE-S Team was able to outperform other university delegates. 

Unlike the previous year, this time the final round of the UTU Awards was held offline. This increased the enthusiasm of the participants, including the SPE-S Team. Wahyu Prayogo, who was one of the team members who had the opportunity to execute the final stage, revealed that even though he failed in 2020, this did not dampen the SPE-S Team's enthusiasm. "The team's preparation was very good starting from the proposal collection stage to the presentation on the final day," said Wahyu. 

With the title Smart Pump Solar to Advance Indonesian Agricultural Technology, the SPE-S Team competed against ten other finalists. Being the only polytechnic in the category of business planning competition is not an obstacle for this team. In fact, this has become a new spirit for the SPE-S Team to reach a winning position. The system in the tool is able to provide notifications to farmers to run and turn off the pump. 

It is hoped that the completion of this competition will not be the end of the SPE-S Team's struggle to innovate. Wahyu Prayogo hopes that in the future there will be a forum that can provide space for this team to develop innovative water pumping systems. "It takes a lot of money to improve and develop our innovation performance, so we hope that in the future there will be a forum ready to accommodate us," hoped Wahyu Prayogo. (jess)

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