Poor, pens.ac.id – EEPIS Bidikmisi Organization (EBIO) after holding the Bidikmisi Management Training (BIMATRA 2022) which took place at Lawang Adventure Camp Malang. The activity which was attended by 100 KIP-K 2022 students took place from Friday (11-13/11). Carrying the theme "Bidikmisi with Character and Integrity", this activity aims to develop the potential of students who receive Indonesia Smart Cards-Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya College (KIP-K PENS) so they can excel and be of benefit to society.

This year, Bimatra was held for the first time offline after two years of being held on a limited basis online. This activity was officially opened on Saturday (12/11), with remarks from Purwanto as Student Affairs Staff, Pindharwati Bandiannaningsih, SE., Head of the Academic and Student Affairs Section, and Deputy Director of Student Affairs and Human Resources namely Dr. Tri Budi Santoso, ST, MT In his presentation, Tri Budi emphasized to Bimatra participants to be able to implement knowledge during the activity and later become role models for other friends, as well as the community.

Various materials are presented, including material self-management, material We Bidikmisi We Can by Students with Achievement (Mawapres), to material on Using Technology for Community Empowerment. The material presentation activity was then followed by a group simulation discussion to apply the material that had been presented and explore the creativity and innovation of the participants. The second day's activities, closed with an art performance, where each group is required to present an art performance in a maximum of 10 minutes. The participants seemed enthusiastic about this pensi activity, as evidenced by the exciting performances presented by their respective groups.

On the last day, the participants did the activity tracking by passing challenges at each post as well outbound which was held at Lawang Camp Adventure Field with the aim of training cohesiveness and cooperation between group members. One of the participants admitted that the Bimatra 2022 activities were very exciting and interesting from the first day to the third day. "The impression was very exciting and interesting, from the first day to the last day we had fun. The second day we gain knowledge through materials. For the third day, we held an outbound and art performance at night, which made our evening even more exciting," said Dafit Ody Endriantono, Bimatra 2022 participant. (irf)

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