Poor, pens.ac.id – The Telecommunication Engineering Study Program developed a tool to help the community around the Imamussalam Mosque, Dusun Krajan, Karangsuko, Kec. Performance, Malang Regency, East Java on Friday (23/9). The prayer schedule is the main thing as a definite benchmark in praying.

Inaccurate and specific prayer times are at the root of the problem. From this background, the Telecommunication Engineering study program created a tool to adjust the prayer time schedule based on the location of the mosque. Using latitude and longitude coordinates as a reference for calculations.

Through the community service program, develop a "Salat Schedule Smart System" tool that uses an LED display dot matrix making it easier for pilgrims to see information on prayer schedules. In addition, this tool is also supported by the application smartphone to facilitate synchronization of the location of the mosque with GPS smartphone and also makes it easier to adjust the display of information displayed on the tool.

The development of this system was carried out over a period of 2 months, starting from site surveys, system design and manufacture, to system testing. The implementation of this community service involves lecturers, Education Laboratory Institutions (PLP), and students of the Telecommunication Engineering study program. Hendy Briantoro, chief executive of the Telecommunication Engineering study program community service activity commented “We hope that this community service will be useful and provide a solution to one of the community problems in Krajan Hamlet, Karangsuko, Kec. Performance, Malang Regency".


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