Surabaya, – The Game Jam activity was again held by the Game Technology Study Program (GT) of the Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya (PENS). Held for three days, starting from Friday to Sunday (16-18/9), a series of activities took place in the Game Design Laboratory Room, D3 Building, 3rd Floor, PENS. Collaborating with our Game Community, Game Jam 2022 aims to introduce the creative industry in the form of game development to EEPIS students.

Game Jam is a routine agenda of the GT study program where participants are required to create a game for a period of 48 hours. The participants were grouped into several groups, with each member consisting of four main game development roles, namely: programmers, game designers, artists, and sound engineer.

During the three days, this activity was divided into three stages. The opening by the committee was carried out on the first day, namely Friday afternoon (16/9). Then proceed with the division of teams consisting of four participants and the determination of the theme that will be used in the discussion game that will be made, namely "Become a Villain". Meanwhile, on the second day, the activities were filled with work game and presentation of progress by each participating team. "This activity is carried out offline in the GT lab or can be done at home. So we give freedom to do it," explained Fisabili Maghfirona Firdaus as Chair of the 2022 Game Jam Committee.

Unlike the previous activities, Game Jam this time is not only open to Game Technology Study Program students, but all active EEPIS students who are interested in game developer can participate. As a result, this activity was successfully closed with various appreciations after the assessment session ended. It is hoped that after this year's GameJam, all parties involved will gain new experiences and insights that are useful in the future. (ENT Crew)

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