Surabaya, – EEPIS Applied Data Science Study Program after holding a guest lecture themed “Analytics and MLOps in Data Science” online through Zoom Meeting. Presenting Data Scientist PT Aiforesee Score Innovation as well as PENS alumni Hardefa Rizky Putu Rogonondo as a speaker, this activity took place on Saturday (17/9). Open to the public, the guest lecture aims to gain insight into Analytics and MLOps in data science.

The activity was guided by Renovita Edelani, S.ST., M.Tr. Comm. as an EEPIS Lecturer. The speech was given by the Head of the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering, namely Udin Harun Al Rasyid, S.Kom., Ph.D. and continued with the presentation of material by Hardefa Rizky Putu Rogonondo as the speaker. Hardefa explained that in this modern era data science much needed in industry. Participants are invited to study more deeply about the methods in data science, namely Analytics and MLOps, especially for students of the Applied Data Science study program and the PENS Informatics study program.

After the presentation of the material, there was a question and answer session as the closing of the event. The enthusiasm of the participants was evident from the various questions asked in the session. Starting from questions about data science and personal experiences of the speakers. It is hoped that from these activities, EEPIS students can maximize analytics and MLOps in data science as a tool to facilitate the completion of real case studies in the industrial sector. (may/rif)

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