Surabaya, - The Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) through the Directorate of Vocational Education together with the Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya (PENS) after holding a Learning X Workshop with the theme "Preparing Millions of Indonesian Digital Talents with the Independent Vocational Curriculum and Learning Platform X" on Tuesday (21/6). 6). Located in the Auditorium lt. 250 EEPIS Postgraduate Building, this activity was attended by XNUMX invited participants of SMK teachers throughout East Java (Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik, Malang and surrounding areas).
Wikan Sakarinto, ST, M.Sc., Ph.D. as an Indonesian Vocational Education Expert was present as a resource person in this activity. Previously, the Deputy Director of EEPIS in the field of cooperation and technology, Amang Sudarsono, ST, P.hD. also gave a speech. "The advantages of PENS are certainly not in doubt, amid technological advances, PENS can adapt," said Amang in his speech. In addition, representatives of the Education and Culture Office of East Java Province and the Director of Partnership and Harmonization of the Business and Industrial Worlds were also present.
The activity that took place today was targeted at digital talent from Vocational school graduates to use the Learning X platform. As a platform that is considered comprehensive, Learning X has also succeeded in bringing industrial cooperation to an international level. As a representative of Learning X, Mr. Shin Myung Jae revealed that this platform is a form of technological advancement that can help students and students develop their abilities. "Learning X has led to many successes in dealing with technology," he said in his remarks.
The presentation of the material was then delivered directly by Wikan Sakarinto, ST, M.Sc., PhD. As an opening, this Vocational Education Expert explained about Learning X. The interesting thing, Wikan explained about the success of this platform which reached 85% as an effective learning medium for students who want to learn coding. "There is no doubt that various new and potential platforms are from Learning X," he concluded.
The end of the activity was ended with a question and answer session which was followed enthusiastically by the participants. Anis Syaiful Bahtera, Mr. Shin Myung Jae, and Wikan Sakarinto, ST, M.Sc., PhD responded competently to various questions posed by the participants. "This step in Learning X will certainly have an impact on student skills in the era of technological progress," said Mr. Shin. (so) 

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