Surabaya, – Starting from Thursday (9-12/6), Bamantara EEPISAT after participating in the Final CanSat Competition which took place in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. The final series of activities include Inspection Requirement Check, Flight Readiness Review, Launch, Post Flight Review. On this occasion, Bamantara EEPISAT succeeded in making Indonesia famous in the international arena by getting third place.

Compete with 36 other teams from various countries such as Mexico, USA, Argentina, India, South Korea, UK, Thailand, and Turkey, and one of them is from Indonesia, namely Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). Despite dealing with various countries, the EEPISAT Bamantara Team was able to win third place with their maximum efforts. Armed with a long preparation, namely 10 months Bamantara EEPISAT was determined to win from the start of this competition.

This team faced various technical and non-technical obstacles. However, the team led by Zulfikar Davbi managed to finish well. The support from the campus was also felt by the EEPISAT EEPISAT Bamantara Team. Starting from the need for departure to full support from PENS for this competition.

Of course, the end of this event will not stop the EEPISAT EEPISAT Bamantara Team from working, "we will continue to do research, and prepare Bamantara for Cansat again in the following year," said Jusar, a member of the EEPISAT EEPISAT Bamantara Team. At the end of the interview, Jusar also expressed his hope for EEPIS students not to be complacent with achieving national champions and keep maximizing for the international level. (so)

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